Reviews of Franklin Antique Mall
Customer reviews for Franklin antique mall
customer reviews for franklin antique mall


"Nice antique mall worth a stop. The usual range of items from old to vintage. Furniture, advertising, knick-knacks, jewelry, clothing, etc. combine it with the other shops on the area for a nice day of antiquing."

Many rooms to roam, plenty of quality antiques. Prices very from good to high. Very good quality service. Great for visitors or making your wife happy!

Amazing place to find unique gifts and personal items
-Nancy S.

I found an awesome two-person bench for my kitchen at Booth 32 for a great price. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They have been in business for 37 years and they have an awesome variety of unique items with a lot of character.
-Brian F.

"Holy moly there is a lot of stuff to look at.  You could easily spend 2 hours in this store and not see everything there.  A sprawling venue of all sorts of stuff from kitsch to fine, high end antique furniture.

It is a conglomerate of numerous merchants who all sell their stuff in different areas.  We went there on an anniversary or some such thing and I won a free picture!!!  

Now i put moderate in the price thing, but some furniture here is 4 figure stuff, and rightly so, as they have unique items from back in the day.  

Go and enjoy yourself, even if you don't buy a thing you will see something that takes you down some memory lane you all but forgot about."


"I could spend hours in here looking at all the unique antiques (that's fun to say).Tons of affordable trinkets. Great for Christmas presents!"

'Wonderful place with a wide selection of desirable goods and everything was well kept and organized. Loved it!"

"This place was great. It seemed every corner that I turned, this place just kept going. I was here a few months back and got lost in the immense amount of STUFF here. I loved that every booth had its own flavor to it, from antique furniture to tons of cool antique signs, anything you are looking for, I felt like it could be there. I'm sure there was tons that I missed, and next time I'm in the Franklin area, I definitely plan on returning for another visit."

Franklin antique mall reviews